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i apologize for the long hiatus, things have been pretty stressful over here in ways both good and bad - good in that i’ve started a few college classes which i’m enjoying, but bad in that my mental health has taken a pretty negative dip as of late due to some personal situations. but i’m getting things sorted out, so everything should start looking up soon.

thank you all for your patience.

August 27 8 notes

inked // hunter x hunter

Pakunoda is a silent, staid creature, her every expression unreadable and chilled with something that isn’t necessarily cold – no, it’s something distant, something calm and languorous and detached, and it shows all the more in the cool swipe of her stare across the room before finding Machi by the long table in the corner.

Machi likes her right away.

Rating: M
Word count: 2,000~
Summary: Pakunoda gets her spider tattoo from Machi in the early days of the Ryodan. [Machipaku. Kink meme fill.]

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July 08 31 notes

play make-believe // hunter x hunter

“Smiling,” Hisoka says, resting the point of his chin atop his curled hand. “See? Like this.” He flashes Illumi a picture-day smile, head tipped to one side, showing sharp teeth. “Doesn’t that look fun?”

Illumi remains unimpressed. “I don’t want to make a face like that.”

“Why not?”

“It’s more you than it is me.”

Word count: 1,300~
Rating: K
Summary: Hisoka tries to pull a smile out of Illumi. It goes poorly. [Hisollumi.]

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June 26 38 notes

for everyone following is there sunlight on your bed, i’ve changed kurapika’s pronouns from he/him to they/them. it feels much better for me now. so yeah! just a heads up for when the next chapter comes out :)

June 25 2 notes

is there sunlight on your bed // hunter x hunter


A hard swallow. “Yeah?” 

For a few moments, Leorio thinks his call has been dropped what with how utterly soundless everything becomes on the other end; but then he hears the softness of the water moving around Kurapika’s body and their careful, quiet breathing, and then: “Keep your phone near you tonight.”

Leorio stops at a crosswalk. He watches the blinking red hand on the sign opposite of the street. His heartbeat seems to pound in time with it. “Yeah,” he murmurs. “I can definitely do that.”

Word count: 2,000~
Rating: M
Summary: A Leopika miniseries told entirely through phone calls and text messages over the course of 24 hours. [Set directly after Phantom Rouge.]

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June 14 101 notes
hey I just wanted to say thank you for writing "Who the Waves are Roaring for" -- I really love it. Is part 4 the last?

thank you so much, i’m glad you like it! and i still have roughly two more parts left in this series before it’s complete :)

June 14 2 notes

hunter x hunter followers: prepare for like three thousand leorio/kurapika fics because that’s approximately how many i’m writing for this ship right now.

also, clap your hands for dfab non-binary kurapika. [claps uproariously]

June 10 9 notes

old haunts // yu yu hakusho

“Who knows,” Yusuke murmurs tiredly, his profile a sharp black silhouette against the backdrop of the sky. “Sometimes I just get this feeling like something’s about to happen.” 

Word count: 1,400~
Rating: T
Summary: One week before Yusuke’s death, the sky turns as red as muscle. [Yusuke/Kuwabara. Pre-canon.]

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June 09 13 notes

i keep feeling smaller and smaller // evangelion

Tonight, it’s cold, and so Rei’s bundled up in the passenger’s seat in a scarf and a parka, her hands tucked into wool mittens. Asuka’s in her pajamas – ratty sweatpants and her lacrosse jersey with SORYU emblazoned on the back in big black letters. She doesn’t seem to notice the cold, but Rei still wishes she’d brought an extra jacket for her, even if Asuka would turn her nose up at it in some strange act of defiance against someone loving her.

Word count: 2,100~
Rating: T

Summary: Asuka handles her stress through driving, and Rei offers silent support from the passenger seat. AU setting.

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May 19 45 notes

who the waves are roaring for // part four

“I can hear everything you feel,” Rei says, “when you let me in.”

“When I…?” Asuka’s hand drops away from her eye. Rei is gazing at her up close, her face calm, her gaze bright and alive with a new light. “When I what?”

“I only hear the thoughts you want me to hear. Otherwise your mind is a closed door that I won’t force open. As I said before, you open it all on your own, and that’s when I come in.”

“Why wouldn’t you just open the door yourself?” Asuka asks, breathless. “Why wait for me?”  

Rei gives a tiny smile, more of an air about her than a physical thing. And she says, “Because that would be cheating.”

Word count: 6,600~
Rating: M
Previous chapters: part one // part two // part three
Summary: A speculative rebuild of the hearts and minds of Asuka Langley Soryu and Shinji Ikari, following the events of End of Evangelion. [Asurei, Kawoshin.]

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May 14 83 notes